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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Something Old

Since I have been confessing to the stash I have acquired, there is one more thing to admit to.   I  signed up for the latest Amy Mitten tutorial to come out in July.  I asked Amy Mitten last October about the Diligence Casket Keepsake and she told me it would have a bee theme.  I totally forgot about Diligence especially when I heard she is designing a Flemish pillow with compartments inside based on an antique she has.  So I was delighted to see her new tutorial and signed up even before I got the email on it.  Can't wait!

Since I had two of the  Just Nan mice all kitted up, that's what I started yesterday.  You have to be prepared to change threads many times in Just Nan projects.  They aren't for the faint of heart.  But these little mice go quickly.
I just have to add the beads to the Angel mouse and I can put her together.

I have a bit of a start on the second one.  This is the Reindeer mouse.  (I still have the Groom Mouse to stitch.)

It is a warm day and the stocks are blooming.  I'll take a picture tomorrow when I go walking so you can see.

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