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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Three Hives

The sun is shining and I was able to walk outside this morning.

I have now finished three hives on Buzz.  I am almost out of the bee hive color floss so a trip to my LNS might be in my near future.
Only one more to go.  I love the little bee insignia.
I think it could be a scissors fob all on its own.  I have to think if I want to stitch something like my initials on the bottom.  I haven't decided.

I also stitched another violet for the parasol.
I decided that I like this one the best.  I am going to stitch several more just like it.
I got to see pictures of the new Just Nan scissors roll and groom mouse.  I like them which is a good thing because I already pre-ordered them from Silver Needle.  I'm kind of wishing Amy Mitten would have something new out soon.  I check everyday.  (Like I need another vacuum cleaner!)


  1. 3 Hives looks beautiful on that dark blue fabric. The violets couldn't be sweeter!