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Sunday, May 29, 2016


Thank you for the comments yesterday.  Your thoughts help me sort things out.  I do get more done just because I want to be able to show stitching that I have done.  I think I need to not worry when I feel overwhelmed with things to stitch.  I should just remember that I am darn lucky to have so many things to make.  Making things is my greatest joy in life, well, next to seeing my grandchildren that is.  My regular life is pretty isolated so blogging is my way of connecting with other people.  I am flabbergasted when I run into people from half way around the world (New Zealand!) that know me from this humble blog.  (Hi Maree and Cheryl and Margaret)

I bought this chart last year when I was at a retreat with Cynthia Zittel of Drawn Thread.  I loved the story behind it.

I was happy to finally get it done yesterday.  Ta-Dah!

I don't know what I will do with it.  It could be a zippered pouch of some kind.  I'll have to think about it.  This chart made me do lots of stitches I don't normally do.

I am working on band 11 of 53 on Mistress L.

I thought I would just concentrate on this project but I found that I need to work on something else after a few hours.  I decided that I'm not a Forest Glade kind of girl.  I'm more of a Pacific Blue.  So I tried changing the colors a bit.  After this row is a multi-color alphabet.  I would love to see this hanging in my house when I get it done.  (Notice I said "when" and not "if"!)
It is a beautiful day outside.  I'll go up to the Farmer's Market at noon.  Later I'll Facetime with Claire and Evan.  Sundays are great days.


  1. The Drawn Thread piece is darling!

    Your band sampler is lovely and I'm glad to see you're working on it. I'm doing a long one myself and it's more than a little overwhelming. Have decided do view each band as a finish. Motivation is where you find it, right?

  2. Question - what do you do with your charts when a project is finished?
    Curious minds are interested.

  3. Reading your blog is always looked forward too in the morning, and I still hope to be you when I grow up! It's always such a joy to follow what you are stitching, buying and the retreats you attend and having met you it adds more to the enjoyment, just remember stash does not go off!

  4. Ricardo's is beautiful.
    The Band Sampler is coming along nicely, and will be great when done.

  5. Beautiful! Makes me want to pick up my DT pieces again.