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Thursday, May 19, 2016

A Weekend in the Country 3

It is very unusual to have a day off in the middle of a retreat.  But we did!  Friday we had to day off to do whatever we wanted.  We wanted to shop.  There were quilt shops we wanted to visit.  I wanted to go to a chocolate shop.  Then BFF#2 wanted to visit Lehman's.  So we set out on Friday morning to go to Lehman's.
Here is a millstone on display outside Lehman's door:

It is an everything store.  If you need a new seat for your tractor they have them.  If you want all the supplies to make cheese, Lehman's is your place.  If you want magnets to put in the tank of your toilet to prevent lime build-up, yes, they have those too.  Lehman's is quite a large store.  It is fun to see all the stuff they have.  You would not believe the stuff they have.  Near the door when we went in is a booth that has fudge.  So I asked the girl, what is the most unusual flavor of fudge that you have?  She said rootbeer!  Yes, rootbeer.

 You know I had to have some of that.  BFF got some sugar cookie flavor fudge.  Then I found some interesting toothpaste in a jar.  Spearmint flavor.

 I found my sister a birthday card.  I got some great hand lotion.

 That place is very busy, lots of people shopping.

Then it was on to the chocolate shop.  What a nice large store.

  I got some chocolate scissors.

They had both milk and dark chocolate covered orange peel.  I had so much fun.

BFF#2 found chocolate mustaches.

Then we went out to a quilt shop in the middle of nowhere.  Truly.  BFF found some Downton Abbey fabric and even shared some with me so I could finish my second needle book for Betsy's Bristol Bag.

By the middle of the afternoon, we were hungry.  Where to eat?  We decided on a craft brewery.  BFF told us how much fun it is to have a meal of appetizers.  That is what we did.  Everybody ordered and shared.  I loved it.
We let Waze direct us back to the hotel.  It was crazy.  Berlin has a lot of construction and evidently Waze was leading us around that.  We went up and down huge hills out in the country.  The hills were scary.  That is a reoccurring nightmare of mine from childhood, coming to a hill that is too steep to drive up.  Luckily for everybody, I was not driving!  We made it back to the hotel.  What adventures we had today!  We got together in the evening to stitch and made another Amish Deli stop.
Great day!

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  1. I would love to go to Lehman's!
    Sounds like you had fun on your "day off".