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Sunday, May 22, 2016


Just after the Nashville Market, I was looking at the Attic Newsletter.  It gets me into trouble by showing me stuff other stitchers are working on.  In this issue from sometime in March, I saw three things I liked.  One was a Mermaid Box:

By the same designer was a small sampler:
Then there was a Periwinkle Promises kit.  This isn't it but I couldn't find the exact one on the Periwinkle Promises website.  I contacted Barbara Rakosnik. She said it could be ordered through a shop.  The newsletter called it the Vintage Sampler.
So I contacted Stitching Bits and Bobs and they were kind enough to order these three things for me.  They warned me it might take a while.  Last week I got them!  This isn't the sampler I wanted but it is close and will be a challenge to do.  It is done on 29 count Glenshee linen.
I'm a bit overwhelmed by all this additional stuff I have to stitch.  More to show tomorrow.

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