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Saturday, April 30, 2016


The frame came yesterday for the birth announcement.

 I laced up the stitching on the mounting board and got it all framed.  Wow, it is all done ready to send.

I did some experimenting with the Flemish Ornament.  I tried doubling the thread because it is like stitching with a strand of hair.  See that tiny strand I'm stitching with?

 It looked messy.

Then I tried different thread altogether.  I grabbed a Hand-dyed Fiber and tried that.  It was not as shiny and a bit rough looking.

 I may try some of the Cabinet of Curiosities thread just to see how that works.
  Then it dawned on me yesterday, this isn't so hard.  There isn't that much stitching.  I can do this.  Just wait until I get to the flower.  So my goal today is to get all the leaves in and try a flower.  We'll see if I get that far.

I got the top of Buzz all done!

Now the fun part.  I started the side.  My stitching looks a little rough on dark linen.  All the imperfections show up.  So I'm going to be more careful so it looks a little neater.

The farmer's market starts next week.  That will be fun.  Fresh asparagus!  Maybe the candy lady will be there again.  Be still my heart.


  1. The Birth Sampler looks great in that frame.
    Great progress on Buzz.
    I hope you find whatever thread makes you happy for your project.

  2. Perfect frame and nicely done. Anxious to see Buzz progress. Love the dark fabric.