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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Waiting for Paste to Dry

The next step in my Flemish Ornament is to paste some heavy paper on the back of the traced design.  Yikes, that's scary.  What if the tracing runs or smears?  I've never used Yes paste before so I don't know if it is hard to work with.  I gathered up all my tools.  I got out the wax paper and found some books to sandwich the satin and paper between it as it dries.  I found an old spoon to get the paste out with.

 I have an old credit card to use to spread the glue.  Now I'm ready!

So I glued it.  The paste was pretty easy to smooth out although I kept getting ridges.

 I tried to follow the directions exactly.

Now I have to wait for it to dry, then I came begin stitching.  I know it will take a long time for the paste to dry since I have pasted things to the embroidery for my trinket box and casket.

I decided to work on the Just Nan needlebook.  It is getting close now.
It is all stitched except for the beads and a couple other embellishments.

I sewed on the lace.

I sewed together the rose (I think it is a rose) center.  Now I have to sew it to the center of the flower.

Maybe I can put this together today.


  1. Your project looks interesting.
    The JN is turning out so pretty.

  2. The JN needle book is so pretty! I love the feminine colors and flowers.