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Sunday, April 10, 2016

(Last) Sunday

I can't believe the retreat has gone so fast!  We are on the last day.
The weather is much better and I take a walk around the lake.  It is wonderful.  The path around the lake is well taken care of and easy to walk.
Today Betsy is showing us the finishing of the bag.  We get to see a demonstration of how to make a tassel and how to make twisted cording.  I've seen these presentations several times but I enjoy seeing them again.  I am reminded of just how to do it.
I've got my red lining for the bag all done.  I did it all by hand.
It looks like it is inside out but the stitched part will fit over the lining like this:

 I got to see some new things Betsy is working on.  She designed a small etui for her guild.  I just love the style.  She has a new name tag that she designed for herself.  Love it.

 It is mostly backstitch.  You could call it blackwork but with several colors.  She is doing a sampler too but I didn't see that.

I'm a little too excited to stitch today.  Son#1 and DIL are coming for the Sunday Brunch.  Also, I have to pack up everything and check out.  I love staying at this place.  This retreat is the best.
Here is Deb from Stitchville and Betsy.

We enjoy a great brunch.  (Diet tomorrow!)  The waffles with butter, syrup and strawberries are delicious.
Back to the airport.  Back to my regular life.

I loved seeing my friends again, especially my BFFs.
I loved the shopping.
I loved J for quilting the baby quilt and letting me stay at her house.
I loved the caramel puffed corn.
I loved the sweet and salty snack at Oak Ridge.
I loved walking around the lake.
I loved the inspiration of seeing others stitching creations.
I loved seeing DS#1 and DIL.
I loved the walleye fingers at Doolittle's.
How lucky am I?

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  1. A very pretty project.
    Glad you had a fantastic time.