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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Day Two

We spent most of  Wednesday at J's house.  BFF#2 and another friend were driving to J's and we were expecting them around dinner time.
Early in the morning, I stitched in J's stitching area.  She has a great magnifier/light.  I love it.  Maybe I'll get one just like it.

 J showed me her quilting machine.  Wow, it is huge.  J is just the nicest person ever.  She offered to quilt my baby quilt.  It was fascinating to watch.  She had a special machine for winding the bobbins evenly.  You have to pin the quilt onto those long poles.
J has quilted hundreds (thousands?) of things so she really knows what she is doing.  First of all she told me that I shouldn't use polyester batting for a baby quilt.  It should be cotton - and she gave me the right kind.  She suggested waves at the bottom of the boats and round shapes like clouds for the sky.  She worked on it for hours.  She got it all done and it looked so nice.  It looked professional.  I was so thrilled, I could cry.

You can hardly see my screw-ups!  Considering that I got this pattern off of YouTube, this turned out really well.
J decided we would have salmon and zucchini stuff for dinner when BFF#2 got here.  So we went off to Kowalski's.  That sure is a neat store with lots of yummy goodies.  I ended up getting a pair of Harry Potter readers there.
I know, they look goofy, but I don't care.
BFF#2 and JD arrived just after we got back from Kowalski's.  J used this special tool to make spaghettti out of zucchini.

I need a tool like that.  I loved her recipe too.  I'm going to make that when I get home.
After dinner J made "crack".  It is so good you can't resist it.  It is like making caramel corn but using corn puffs instead of popcorn, so no kernels.  Love it.
Then we watched a hilarious Minnesota movie, Drop Dead Gorgeous.  It is an old movie with lots of people I recognized.  That was very fun.  What a great day!  Tomorrow we are going shopping - again!


  1. Your quilt turned out great, Amy! Sounds like y'all are having lots of fun!

  2. Wow you made a lovely quilt Amy. Gorgeous!
    Happy stitching,

  3. It sounds like a great time.
    How nice of your friend to do the quilting for you.
    It turned out very pretty.
    The Salmon and Zucchini sounds yummy, as does the Crack Corn. :)
    Your glasses are cute.

  4. I love your Harry Potter readers!
    Looks like a great spring fling.