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Saturday, April 16, 2016


I'm very frustrated right now.  This new computer is driving me crazy.  I can't find anything!  My formal training in computers is mostly from my sister showing me stuff like how to save a photo.  I'm having to relearn how to transfer photos from my camera.  One of these days it will get better.  The font on this computer is way too small so I'm squinting at the screen trying to read what I've written.  ARGH.  If there are any spelling errors, it's this stupid font size's fault.
Okay so now I've gotten that off my chest, on to happier things
No baby yet.  Where are you Marco Polo?
This is my progress on the birth announcement.
The mermaid is all done.
Good progress has been made.  I'm nearly to the bottom of this design.
I did something completely different yesterday.  I got a Paper Pumpkin box in the mail.  I signed up for this when I went to the Stampin Up party in Minneapolis.  I made this:
It was fun!  (and easy too!)
I finished the paper piecing for the bottom of the Bristol Bag.  Now I am ready to sew them together.

  You don't know how tempted I am to just sew it on my sewing machine.  But no, that would be too easy.  Chris sent me a picture of her completed bag and accessories.  Oh my goodness, she did everything over one!  And it is all done!  You rock, Chris!  So now, I'm a real slacker.

BFF#2 is coming to Michigan for a few days.  Yeah!  That will be fun.  I know we have to hit Chocolatea - can't wait!


  1. Love the birth sampler and the mermaid is so cute..
    Love your stitching x

  2. Hi Amy, there is sure to be a way of increasing the font size on the screen so you can read more easily. google help!
    The mermaid is really lovely!

  3. My son says press 'ctrl' and the '+' key together. This will zoom in on the screen

  4. Love that Mermaid. :)
    Great progress, can't wait to see this put together.