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Saturday, April 23, 2016


It is a wonderfully sunny day here.  Great for walking.  The bills have been paid.  I do that every Saturday.  I found out that the Farmer's Market opens on May 7th.  Soon.  It is William Shakespeare's birthday (maybe) and the day he died.  Not so good to die on your birthday.

I put Evan's whole name on the birth announcement.

 I charted out the birth date and know where I am going to stitch it.  I just need to do it.  Won't take very long.  Then I will measure it.  It is about 7 inches by 14 inches.  It won't fit a standard size frame.  I get custom frames from American Frame in Maumee, Ohio.  When I needed a frame for the Joseph Raffael poster, that's where I got it from.  Their prices seem reasonable to me.  The cost of frames can be outrageous.  I've been happy with what I've gotten from American Frame.  They are pretty prompt too.   I will be very happy to have this all done and ready to take or send to Evan.

I tried out stitching a violet that I found in a book.  I sort of added and changed some things along the way.  This is my first violet.

Then I thought I would see how it fits in the framework of the parasol piece.

Not bad.  I like the idea of the heart shaped leaves all pointing to the middle of the parasol which will be a pin cushion.  If I were real ambitious I would make a stumpwork violet for the pin cushion.  That is sort-of not likely though.

I started Buzz late last night.  The linen is much darker that it looks in this photo.

This is just a few minutes work before I had to quit.  I really like this design and want to get to more interesting stuff than backstitch.

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  1. So cute.
    The little Violets are cute too, can't wait to see the finished piece.