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Sunday, April 17, 2016


I made great progress on the Bristol Bag yesterday.  I got the paper pieced part of the bag sewn on.

 I stitched a lovely crown on the bottom of the bag.

 I took the crown design from the sampler "Patrizia".  It's a little large but I like it.

  Then I sewed the bottom to the bag and the back seam. I inserted the lining and joined the lining to the bag. Now it is almost complete.

 I put the ribbon in. Love the ribbon.

Now all I have to do is stitch a small motif on eight small squares and sew them on to the ends of the ribbon.

 I'm almost done!  Yeah!

It is a lovely day outside.
No Marco Polo yet.  We (hopefully) will talk to Claire this afternoon and see what's going on with Marco.
I am expecting some super duper mail tomorrow.  Of course, I show you on Tuesday.


  1. So pretty!
    Almost there!
    I still want to live at your house just to get the mail! LOL