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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Again, Why?

Why isn't my Bristol Bag from Spring Fling done yet?  I started something else.  I had to choose what fabric I wanted to use for the Just Nan Limited Edition Flying High Stitching Case.

I bought five different blue linens at Stitchville to choose from.  I ended up choosing Smokey Pearl.  That name rings a bell in my brain.  I've used that before. It is a nice blue with a nice in hand feel to it.  So I started.  Just Nan always has a ton of color changes.  I knew what I was getting into.  I like the results so far.  This is the back.  I hope to finish the back soon.

I got the box of my stitching (and a few goodies!) from BFF#2 yesterday.  When I was at J's house, I used her great magnifier/light to finish this:

It is worked on 40 count over two.  It wasn't hard, really.
Now I have to finish it off.
I've had a diet detour.  BFF#2 sent me some snacks which I couldn't resist.  Caramels, sweet and salty snack and double chocolate dipped malt balls.  Oh, man, were they good.  But now I'm half a pound heavier than yesterday!  Not only that but DH says we are going out to eat tonight.  I'm in trouble.

1 comment:

  1. Smokey Pearl looks like a great choice.
    This is so pretty.
    The Pyns piece is nice, so colorful.