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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Now it is Saturday

A couple of housekeeping things to take care of.  This is the fabric book from the quilt shop that I am going to make for the new baby.
These were the gifts in our project bag from Stitchville.

Early (last) Saturday morning the wind was howling and it was very cold.  Too cold for my green raincoat.  So I decided not to walk.  There is such a lovely place to walk here, around the lake.

Maybe tomorrow.
I know what we are going to do today.

Betsy is going to have us finish the pre-stitching into a needle book.

I'm thrilled to have finished my paper pieced pin cushion.  Now I will have two things finished on my project

 Betsy has kindly included an over-one chart in this kit so that anyone crazy enough can do a totally different design over one.  I thought about it but then I decided not to do over-one.  It will be easy and quick to stitch it over-two.  Right now I am all for easy and quick.  I start stitching my bag.

I also try out some other designs over one and over two for the threadwinder and the pullstring end.
Oh this weekend is going too fast.  It is great to spend time with my BFF's.  We even come back after dinner and stitch a bit.  I want to see the figure skating World Championships.  I put together my new magnifier light and stitch in my room.  Hog heaven.

1 comment:

  1. The book will be so cute for the Baby.
    Great goodies you received, and what a pretty project.