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Friday, April 8, 2016


First some housekeeping.  MomCat (no-reply) wanted to know where the fabric outlet that we went to was located.  It is on Zealand Ave in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota.  The official name of the store is SR Harris Fabric Outlet.  It is in an industrial park and sort of hard to get to.  Good thing I have my BFF to get me there.  There is a 38 second YouTube video where you can see it is very warehouse-like.
Now it is Friday.
There are two places we want to go to before Spring Fling starts at Oak Ridge Conference Center.  We are meeting BFF at Eagle Creek Quilt Shop.  This is a great little shop with lots of ideas for making things.  Right up my alley.  I see a fabric book I can make for the new baby (not born yet) about animal sounds.  Can't resist.  J was showing me how to piece fabric and used this great ruler that measures 1/4 inch beyond the seam for trimming.  I want one.  Then I see some purse forms that I was interested in.

They were  in Inspirations magazine and had embroidery mounted on them.  I thought I would have to order them from Australia.  But no, I found them here.  Cool.  So we did some damage at the quilt shop.  Then someone mentioned popovers from the General Store.  What a good idea for lunch!  We went to the General Store and had soup and popovers with honey butter.  Yum!.  Then of course we had to look around.  They have lots of fun things.  I found that tool for making spaghetti zucchini.  Cool.  I also found some candy that I had never seen, Tropical flavored Necco wafers.  They were really good.
Now we are excited as we are finally on our way to Spring Fling.  We checked in to the conference center.  Who doesn't love a window seat?

This was in my room.  How sweet!

Then we went down to the ballroom where are class will be held.  We got a project bag with goodies inside.  See that green tulip bag on the table?

The ballroom doors open and we find a table.  Deb always makes the table look nice.  Oh that sweet moment when we get a whole new complete kit!
(I would show you more photos but I am having problems with my camera.)
We start working on the paper pieced pin cushion.  Betsy teaches us how to piece the triangles.  It's easy.  I work diligently and get a lot done.  Fun.

Eating at Oak Ridge is such a treat.  We all vow to start a diet on Monday.  But for now we are indulging.  Look at this multi-colored chocolate cup of mousse.

I thought the cod would be blah, but no, it was delicious.  Oh my I am a lucky duck.  We go back to the ballroom after dinner and work on our pincushion.  I see lots of people I know.  Oh joy to stitch and talk and see other people's creations.  This is the best retreat.

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  1. Looks like a great time with great projects!