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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Day Three

Since BFF#2 is now here, we must go shopping.  Of course we are going to Stitchville again.

 We have a Spring Fling coupon that we want to use.  I love J's magnifier light (Craftlite Dublin) and want to get one just like it.  BFF#2 can take it back for me instead of risking taking it as luggage on the plane.  But when you have five people, it is hard to get everybody rounded up and out the door.  Our first stop is Stitchville and I see someone who looks very familiar.  We try to figure out if we have been at a retreat.  No.  Then I remember that I have seen her on Facebook.  It is so funny when you feel like you know someone but have never met in person.  By the time we are done in Stitchville, it is time for lunch so we hit Panera again.  I was a little disappointed with their grilled cheese.  I had a grilled cheese at Panera a few years ago that had bacon on it and it was delicious.  This one was just slapped together and barely warm.
By the time we finished our lunch it was mid-afternoon.  Only time to go one more place.  We decided to go to Fabric Outlet.  Not the new one in Burnsville but the old one that has a ton more stuff as in dupioni silk.  It was kind of crazy with five people picking out silks that we wanted to split with others.  We found some great ultrasuede too.  BFF#2 meant to buy a few buttons but ended up with 40!  I found the blanket binding for the gauze blanket there.  This is what I got:

We wanted to take J out to eat.  We went to Doolittles.  I love the walleye fingers there.

They also have great salads.  DS#1 met us there. (Acting silly!)

 It was fun and we talked for a long time.

 I'm on Eastern time and Minneapolis is in the Central time zone so I was very tired by the time we got back to J's.  But we had to cut up the fabric we bought so everyone got what they wanted.
Plans are to meet up with BFF tomorrow and hit two more shops before we head out to Spring Fling.


  1. I'm planning on going up to Stitchville this summer. Where is this Fabric Outlet with the Dupioni, etc.?