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Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Mary Corbet gets me into a lot of trouble.  She mentioned about Craftsy classes being on sale.  I have had my eye on the goldwork class for a while (because Mary reviewed it).  I ran across a stumpwork class there.  Yes, I gave in and signed up.  This is the first Craftsy class I have signed up for.  You can look at the lessons anytime and rewatch them.  I think that no kits are involved, you have to get your own stuff but they give you a list of things you need and where to get them.  I've watched the first Stumpwork lesson.  It was only 15 minutes long.  So, short and sweet and to the point. It nice when there is nothing on TV and you have a few minutes.

My slate frame came in the mail and it is beautifully made.  Very nicely finished.  Now I can be a real embroiderer.

I want to get going on the Flemish ornament so I tried dressing the frame.  This is my first try after watching two YouTube videos.

Kind of a mess:

So I emailed Rachael and she gave me some pointers (one of which was to try again).

It isn't easy as you are juggling four strips and needle and thread at the same time.  The second time worked out a bit better.

I hope it isn't on there too tight.

Next step:  trace the design onto the satin material.
I felt very fortunate to have the right kind of pen and a light box.

I'm hoping the embroidery will hide a multitude of sins!


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