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Friday, April 22, 2016

Not Much

I don't have much to show for yesterday's work.  I decided the birth sampler should be worked on.  The parts left to do are somewhat boring.  Like the border and the filling in background of the words.  I finished the border - finally.  I am working on the background and I can get it done today.  Then I'll have to figure out where to put Evan's name and date in the empty spaces.  I have to figure out what size frame I need and order it.  I'm close to a total finish.

I did a fun thing yesterday.  We got a new computer and DH says we need a new mouse pad.  Our old one is kind of curly on the edges.  How about a custom mouse pad with a photo of Claire on it?  Nifty!  I googled and found that I can get one in about a million places.  I ended up ordering one from Target.
We got a lovely photo from DIL of Evan all dressed up and going home from the hospital.  Oh to be there!
My slate frame is being sent today.  That means I can start the Flemish Ornament next week.  Yeah.  I didn't get started on Buzz yet as I'm feeling guilty that some projects that I HAD to have are laying around half done.  Like the Just Nan Limited Edition (and about 14 other things).

 Oh well, I can do what I want, can't I?


  1. Where do you order frames from. I would like to frame some of my own works, but the unusual sizes make it difficult sometimes. I love the way both of those pieces look. I hope you get to meet Evan in person soon.

  2. The Birth Sampler is looking great.
    Yes, it's woman's prerogative to do whatever she wants. ;)