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Thursday, May 7, 2015


It is Thursday.  It is wonderfully warm outside.  Walking was very nice this morning.  The park has greened up so much in the last week.  It used to be a bunch of dead sticks making it look like a haunted scary forest.  Now it is green with leaves and violets blooming with yellow finches flitting about.

I got 20 pentagons done for Friesland.

 All the small ones are finished.  Now to start on the larger ones today.  I think there are 12 larger pentagons. Then the stitching for Friesland will be done and I can start to put it together.  Whew!

I got a little bit done on the second side of Drawn Thread's Pastoral pocket.  I'd like to get that red house all done today.

We had one red tulip come into bloom and then we had rain that totally wiped out the tulip.

 It bloomed for one day.  That's all, just one.  I guess you just have to enjoy them as much as you can while they are here.  Luckily the daffodils blooms are lasting longer.


  1. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Though I might hate you for showing how beautiful that new Drawn Tread is in person........ Shoot. I was hoping not to *need* to stash for a while. :)

  2. These 2 pieces are getting to be so pretty.
    Poor Tulip. :(