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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Dead Piano

Wednesday.  Hump day.  What is going on today?  DH is taking apart our piano.  It is a shame, I know.  But we have tried to sell it.  We have tried to give it away.  We have tried to push it and move it.  Nothing.  So it came down to trying to get someone to haul it away.  Now it is being deconstructed.

 I saved all the piano key ivory (I think it is ivory).

 It would be fun to try some scrimshaw.  There are some good tutorials on the web.  This piano is very old and heavy and dirty.  At some time in it's life it was in a house heated with coal oil.  It was tuned about 30 years ago.  It is a dead piano.

I started on the second side of Drawn Thread's Pastoral pocket.

 It is hard to stitch upside down.  I just wanted to get it started in the right place and then I turned it so I can stitch the design right side up.  I decided not to stitch my last name but to go ahead with the design as it is, the alphabet.

I finally finished the Friesland flap.  Ta-dah!

Now there are a ton of pentagons to stitch.  Like forty-seven or something.  Some are for the little balls that are on the ends of the drawstrings and some are for the pinball.  I got two of the small ones done.

 Fingers crossed, they will go quickly.