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Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day 2015

Today feels like a Saturday.  When you are retired everyday is Saturday according to DH.  A boy across the street had his Boy Scout uniform on all ready to march in the Memorial Day parade.  I remember those days.  Alas, kids grow up and move on to other things and places.

The bathrooms are clean, there is no holiday when it comes to cleaning.
What did I do yesterday?
The lawn on Christmas is Coming is done!  Yeah, on to other things.

I got almost to the end of one side's edging on Friesland.  So I'm more than 25% done.
 See how nice and neat the edging looks on the back.
 The front looks good too.

Then I realized I had an error of the counting kind on A Case of Indian Ink.  Rats.  I had to take out half of the side I just finished.  ARGH.  Oh well, it is better than having to stitch the whole thing over again.

Sandra asked me where I display my finishes.  The answer is in the dining room.  There are three cabinets.  One has china in it.

 Two have stitching things in them.

Maybe I will have a shelf by shelf tour of the curios when I get back from A Stitcher's Gathering.  I get my hair done tomorrow and then leave on Wednesday morning.  I've got my fingers crossed that BFF can join me there for more adventures.


  1. I would love a tour of your curios of stitching. Have a wonderful time at A Stitcher's Gathering.

    Barbara in OKC

  2. sure would love that tour of the cabinets ! A DF in my EGA chapter is going to ASG - hope you gals have a wonderful time. Mel

  3. Amy - you've been a bad influence. :) I placed my order for Freisland today! Thank you so much for introducing me to it.

  4. Oh my! Freisland is stunning! Wow! It's so beauituful!
    Love seeing your displays of all your stitching projects. love Annette