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Saturday, May 23, 2015

And Now For Something Different

Yesterday I worked on stuff that I had put down a while back.  I have been keeping up with Stitching Foolishness's blog as she is working on The Shepherdess.  Then Shining Needle Society offered it as an online class.  Of course I want to take it.  But I didn't sign up.  Why not?  Guilt.  I still haven't finished the last Barbara Jackson class.  Correction:  I still haven't finished the last two Barbara Jackson classes.  The little bag from last November is not finished.

 Why not?  Because it is on 40 count with specialty stitches and over-one parts.  ARGH.  I haven't even started the basket class from January and I was desperate to make that one.  So I didn't let myself sign up for the new class.  I picked up the little bag to see where I left off.  Oh, yes, the specialty stitch lawn.  Ann was not happy with the colors on the lawn and took some stitching out.  I also was not happy with the colors of green in the lawn  So I made a decision to increase the likelihood that this project would get done.  I made it easier.  I am just using one color green for the the lawn.  Then I changed the stitch for the geese to just cross stitch.

I got enough done yesterday that I am encouraged that this could get finished.  Especially if I find the bag with the rest of the kit in it.

I also found the various pieces to A Case of Indian Ink.  Only one more page (two sides) to go. I can do that.  So I put a few stitches in it.

Then I set up Friesland for the edging.  I only got about an inch or so done.  My goal today is to get down to the corner.  It could happen.

No Farmer's Market today.  My car is in the shop and I'm going to be gone!  Soon!


  1. beautiful work, love the new start

  2. That bag is too darn cute, hope you finish it soon.