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Friday, May 1, 2015

May Day

I'm old enough to remember making May baskets.  Usually we put violets in them and a few pieces of candy.  We made the baskets out of construction paper.  It was usually an anonymous gift to a friend left at her front door.
I didn't get much done yesterday.  I am almost done with Friesland's pocket.  I'm working on the last motif.  I have to check and see if I am supposed to backstitch around this.
I'm sort of surprised that I am almost done.  But when you keep plugging away, sometimes you surprise yourself with what you get done.

I got several hundred pages read in The Goldfinch.  Only 400 of 2014 Ipad pages to go.   The plot is still surprising me.

I was busy with planning yesterday.  I'm going on an embroidery tour this October in Scotland and England.  I'm so excited!  This is a once in a lifetime trip.  My friend and I are deciding on dates to leave and return and if we need to book extra nights and what we want to do and where we want to shop.  This is going to be so fantastic.
It is a lovely day and I'm in a lovely mood!


  1. Wow! Your trip news is totally AWESOME!

  2. Don't forget that you are meeting up with me when you are in Oxford!!