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Thursday, May 14, 2015


It is a lovely sunny day outside.  It's still rather cool, 43 degrees when I went walking.  My car is going to get fixed.  It isn't going to cost me anything and should not make my premiums go up so that is good news.  More good news, I got an appointment a week sooner than scheduled to get my crown fixed.  It's good to start out the day with good news.

I got the lining of the main piece of Friesland all stitched on. I also stitched the bottom on.

 It doesn't really matter what the edge looks like since there will be a braided kind of cording added to it.  Now I need to iron it to get rid of the red lines and to fuse the eyelets to the lining.   I need a piece of wool for the needle page.  The one in the kit is too green.

I might go to the store this morning and see what I can find.  I really should rummage through stash first to see if I have some in a better color.

I got just a bit done on Drawn Thread's Pastoral pocket.

We have  robin sitting on her eggs in a rhododendron bush out front.  She squawks every time I walk by.  The eggs are such a pretty color.

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