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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Happy Dance

Time to do a happy dance!  I finished all the stitching on Friesland.  Now on to the finishing which is major.

That is a lot of pieces to put together.  First I have to iron it and put some interfacing on it.

I got a bit done on Drawn Thread's Pastoral pocket.  The red house is coming along.

Today was the opening day for the farmer's market.  Yeah!  It was fun to go out and see what they had. There was  lots of asparagus, fresh spinach and free range eggs.  I enjoyed myself very much looking at all the stuff.  I even found some Portabello mushroom and Parmesan pasta.

It is so funny about our piano.  DH took it apart as much as he possibly could.  We were trying to maneuver the huge heavy metal piece from inside the piano down to the street for spring clean-up.  We were trying to slide it on boards cause it was too heavy for us to pick up.  DH said it must weigh at least 250 pounds.  There was a guy stopped next door from the power company. Nobody lives next door, the house is empty so I don't know why he was there.  But he saw us trying to move this big metal thing and he came over and offered to help.  He was a very big guy, tall and very strong.  He and DH just picked up that sucker and walked it right down to the street.  We had our fingers crossed that the city would pick it up.  We could hardly believe that within two hours it was gone.  Some Junkyard Johnny came by and took it.  Yeah!!
It's been a busy Saturday already.  Time to relax.


  1. Very very beautiful, love these kind of samplers

  2. Quelle merveille cette broderie!
    Amicalement de France

  3. Can't wait to see Friesland put together.
    Great progress on Pastoral.