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Friday, May 22, 2015

Friday Again

I know I say this almost every Friday, how can it be Friday again??  But it is.  It is sunny today and walking was very pleasant.
I am thrilled that Drawn Thread's Pastoral pocket is all finished!

I got all the eyelets done on Friesland. I also read the directions for putting on the woven edging.  I'll have to reread it again before I start to make sure I've got all the steps down.  First thing I have to do is get it all set up.

I got the first piece of banding stitched on Jackie's My Little Bird.  There are three more pieces for the top of the birdcage and one for the bottom edge.  It's a good thing to work on while watching TV as it is a bit monotonous.

Does this mean I can start something new??  Maybe.  Or maybe I should pick up another WIP.  I ought to work on the Quaker Bag.
We decided to fix my car enough to be workable but not pretty.
 I hope it gets so hot today that I'll have to change into shorts and sandals.


  1. Love the Pastoral pocket, beautiful work.

  2. Your DT pocket is beautiful - love the lining you picked out and I just can't get over how fast you get things done. Mine has STILL not arrived yet but I hear it's in the mail ! I'll be over it before it even arrives. Sorry about your car - hope you have a grand Memorial Day weekend - Mel

  3. I saw yours and have now ordered `Drawn Thread Pastoral` pattern for myself. Look forward to this coming as I can`t wait to stitch this one. Happy Stitching.

  4. I love that 'pastoral pocket' ~ I'm adding it to my wishlist.

    Congrats on the Friesland ~ What a lot of work and it's beautiful!