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Monday, May 4, 2015


I'm just back from the dentist.  He glued my crown back in but I have to have a new crown.  Of course.  They tried to schedule the new crown for the very day I go to A Stitchers' Gathering.  Then they put me in on the day before.  So it will be a few weeks before I can get this taken care of.  In the mean time I have to be careful.  I found out that my crown is 19 years old.  I've gotten a lot of good use out of it.  Today's walking is done, the bathrooms are clean and I can eat.  What more can I ask for?

I worked on Friesland's flap.  It is starting to take shape.  Maybe I can finish it today.

I worked on Drawn Thread's Pastoral pocket.  This will be the flap.  Maybe I can finish it today.

I'm wearing shorts.  I love it.  It's the start of a brand new week full of possibilities.  Super!

1 comment:

  1. Doesn't it figure they try to schedule an appt on a day when you have more important things? :)
    Hope you get it fixed soon.
    Love the colors in the Pastoral.
    It's on my list.