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Monday, May 11, 2015

Bumper Cars

Oh my, what a day it has been already.  Walking?  Check.  Bathrooms cleaned?  Check. Mailed off a chart sold on ebay?  Check.  Then boom.  Car accident.  It was just minor, nobody hurt.  It wasn't my fault.  She didn't see me and pulled out in front of me.  I tried to stop but still we bumped.  Rats, just what you don't want to happen.  Oh well.  It could have been much worse.

I stitched the four pentagons that I had forgotten to do on Friesland.  Then I started the finishing process.  I'm substituting the lining for some with a little more blue in it.  I don't have enough of one color so I'm using two similar colors of dupioni silk for the lining.

 Here are the pieces piled on top of each other.

Right now I'm working on lining the pocket.  Next I'll attach it to the main piece.  It is going well.

I got a bit more done on Drawn Thread's Pastoral pocket.  A lot of the darker leaves are done.

I'll work on it some more today.  When I calm down a bit.


  1. Une grande finesse cette broderie!
    Bien hâte de voir le résultat final,
    Excellente semaine

  2. Sorry to hear about your fender-bender. :(
    Friesland is coming along nicely, as is Pastoral.

  3. Friesland is very beautiful