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Wednesday, May 13, 2015


I just finished up stitching the pocket to the main piece of Friesland.  I'm not sure what comes next.  I think reinforcing the eyelets.  It's so funny.  One thing I have learned from reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up is that it benefits you to know what you have.  That was reinforced this week when I went looking for a micro pen to draw a cutting line for the thread winder inserts on Friesland.  The micro pen I was using was running out of juice and I knew that I had more pens somewhere.  When I went looking, I didn't find any micro pens, but I found this.

I had to laugh as I remembered reading about this kind of pen on somebody's blog.  I thought, hey, next time I'm in JoAnn's, I'll look for one of those.  And I actually did look for one next time I was there but didn't find any.  Then come to find out, I already had one!  I used it to draw the inserts' cutting line.  Then I fused the two sides together with my iron.  The line disappeared.  Evidently that is how you get rid of the line.  So when it came time to sew on the pocket sections, I used the Frixon pen to draw the sewing lines.  I haven't iron out all of the lines yet.

Anyway, the pocket is all attached.  Yeah!

I also finished stitching the second side (back) to Drawn Thread's Pastoral pocket.  It feels so good to make progress.

Now I have started the last side.  I've been waiting to do that robin.  He (she?) is so cute.

I saw the next part of Shepherd's Fold on the Shepherd's Bush site this morning.  It is a needleroll.  I have a collection of Shepherd's Bush needlerolls.  This will be fun to stitch.  They have been mailed too.  Cool.  Can't wait to get mine.
Two weeks from today I go to Arizona.  Nifty!


  1. Look for Frixon pens at an office supply store!

  2. I love the Amy Mitton project. It takes a whe to get it all together but I enjoyed making mine. Now I need to get some basting done on the Quaker bag. I love all the things you stitch!

  3. I love using my `Frixon` pen and found that you can refill packs with three different colours in pack. I have used these with out putting in my pen! Happy Stitching.

  4. Can't wait to see Friesland finished.
    Great progress on the Pastoral.

  5. The pen lines will reappear when it gets cold, so be sure to NOT use the pen in areas that remain visible after you out the piece together. Just put the piece into the freezer and watch the pen marking return!!!