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Sunday, December 11, 2011


I went looking for the other pieces of the lucet holder. I thought they were in a certain pile but they were not. But I came across other stuff. I found some knitting needles and some cotton yarn so I started a dishcloth. I am so easily distracted. I really enjoy making a dishcloth and wonder if Dylan might like to learn how to knit. But we are busy for the next two weeks. Learning how to make chocolate icing this week. We'll put it on graham crackers. (That was a treat in my lunchbox many decades ago!) Then next week I have a gingerbread house kit that we can decorate. I have a few Christmas gifts for him. Winter vacation means I won't see him again until January 9th.
I have a good start on side B of Mountain Flowers. I was thinking of making a goal for myself of doing like 3 diamond shapes a day until it is done. Why do I push myself? There is no rush. I guess I just like getting things accomplished.
Today's Stitching tour is of my needleroll basket. It sits on top of a tall cabinet in my sewing room. I had so many needlerolls they wouldn't fit into the basket so I started giving them away to friends. I ran out of friends to give them to. So these are the needlerolls I have left. I actually use my favorite one and it is on my seewing table. I'll show you that tomorrow.
I'm very bad. I signed up for two things. I shouldn't sign up for anything!!! But I couldn't resist. The first one is a mystery from A'telier Perdu. It is a Christmas stocking and I don't even know what it looks like. I looked closely at the colors of floss (gorgeous) and I saw her last mystery that was so sweet. So when I saw that another blogger signed up for it (David), I did it too. Then on Needleprint last night I saw where Amy Mitten has a tutorial for a Winder Keeper. There are three different styles to choose from. I must have been feeling weak. I signed up for that too. It is way too easy to sign up for things on line. But what fun! There are worse vices I suppose.

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  1. Your needle rolls are great. I look forward to seeing your needlewinder next year. Which one did you choose I wonder? Hope Dylan likes the Gingerbread House - they are fun to make aren't they. Have a good day