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Saturday, December 3, 2011


I am just back from Pilates. I'm all stretched out now ready to be lazy and sit in the stitching chair. I am almost done with the front of Mountain Flowers. Then I will have to decide whether to start the long strap or the back. I did start something new. Actually, I need to take a day and clean up and put away junk in my sewing room. Sew on a button here and put away a chart there.
The house tour of stitching continues with the computer room. This used to be son#2's bedroom. I have a gallery in the closet that I can switch out seasonally. It is time to switch to winter/Christmas stitching. There is a watercolor and a bird picture that stay out year round. The second photo shows what is piled in the closet. Tomorrow I'll show you each one. I'll even dust them off.

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