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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Don't Tell

My goal yesterday was to stitch to the other side of Mountain Flowers. I just barely did. Now it looks like I can finish the front in good time.
I sewed in the last page of Buttons! It is now a book. A Button Lover's Brag Book. Unfortunately, there aren't any buttons inside it. I have to ferret out some that I have and I have to collect(buy) some others. I went looking for the button cards yesterday and still didn't find all the pieces. If you saw my sewing room, you would understand.
I went looking for Inspirations Magazine yesterday. Barnes & Noble used to carry it but they don't seem to carry it any more. Since I couldn't find it, I ordered it online. It has a project in it by Betsy Morgan that has a violet on the front and I want to do it.
My BFF is in Williamsburg this weekend. I can't wait to hear all about it.
My main floor stitching tour is complete. Now on to upstairs. But how do we get upstairs? Up seven steps to the hall. On the stairs are two Shepherd's Bush kits. Note that I changed the font on the words of Sail Away. The original font was unreadable. In the hall is a Marjolien Bastien. I think I tend to frame projects that were a lot of work. I have two stitcheries framed with the Sudbury round plate frames. These are like 25 years old. I have some Bride dolls up there but don't tell anybody. They'll think I'm nuts.


  1. Well done. The Button Book looks absolutely beautiful - even without the buttons! I'm just loving the tour of your embroidery display. Hope the snow isn't too bad today

  2. Aha! Here's your BB book! How beautiful! Love the finishing. What a lot of finishing!