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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Dog Days

It is lightly snowing outside. Just makes the roads slippery. I was good and went to Pilates today. That class is one that I could easily skip. But when I'm done, I feel all stretched out. It helps strengthen my core. Whatever that is. My core is probably made of sugar.
I got an idea yesterday. I saw the first baby quilt top that I made lying around and I thought it would make a great little quilted dog. I wanted to make the future new baby a stuffed dog. So I cut out the top of the dog and sewed it together. I went looking in the closet for some material for the underside of the dog. That's when I saw some really cute material that would be darling for a dog. So I cut out the dog pattern and sewed it together. It is cute! I still need to put on his ears and tail. I meant to put a different material on the underside of the ears but too late. I forgot and did all of him in the cute material. I could make another set of ears. Haven't decided yet. He also need some eyes. I'm trying to decide if I can use buttons or if it is safer to embroider the eyes on. I should finish the quilted dog too. I need an Etsy shop to sell all the junk I make that I don't really like.
I was tired yesterday. I think it was all the shopping and the shots. My arm is sore on the T-dap side. So not much got accomplished. My goals for today are to finish decorating the Christmas tree and to wash the kitchen floor. Then finish at least two diamonds on Mountain Flowers. I want to finish the cute dog too.
Here are the next few things I pulled out of the Unfinished Drawer. Prairie Schooler's Rain, rain go away. I love that little design. A design that would look nice on a box. A Little House (Country Cottage?)Needleworks design, Beach Cottage. Lastly, a design that was supposed to be done on silk gauze but I was afraid of silk gauze at the time so I did it on linen.
So I hope to get some things done today. And then have some egg nog.

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