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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

No Seeds

Margaret reminded me that I forgot to tell you how things went with Dylan. I got a roast beef sandwich and a jamocha shake to see if Dylan would eat it. He took one look at the bun and it was over. He didn't like the seeds on the bun. Well, I scraped them off. He said he doesn't eat beef but then I told him a hamburger is beef. He took a bite. He said he would prefer ham and cheese. He wasn't too sure about the shake. He could taste that it had a bit of a coffee taste in it. Then he wanted to go to the cafeteria because lunch was mini corn dogs and he likes mini corn dogs. So we got the school lunch. One corn dog was soggy so he didn't eat it. That means he had 4 mini corn dogs and that was all he ate. The fruit cocktail didn't taste right and he never eats the stale wheat bun. On an educational note, I brought an avocado and we cut it open and took out the seed and dug out the good stuff. I couldn't get him to taste it. Everything he doesn't like, he calls "nasty". We mixed up powdered sugar, cocoa, butter and milk to make some icing and spread it on graham crackers. He did eat one of those and took home the rest. I think my graham crackers were a little stale but with icing on them I guess they were edible. I'm not sure what to try next week. Do I get an Arby's ham and cheese? I haven't decided yet.
I worked just a bit on Mountain Flowers and got the half diamonds done on two sides. I made two batches of caramel corn, fudge (accidentaly added too much vanilla but it is okay), green candy melts (had to go to Michael's to find them) with broken up candy canes in it.
So we are packing up the boys' boxes and deciding if we have the right stuff and wrapping a few things. Then it is off to FedEx. I went to Toys R Us to get a couple of toys for the Toys For Tots drive. I didn't find what I was looking for and the place was a zoo. I'll try again at Target.
I'm looking in the closet for our Stitching Tour of the Sewing Room. Back in the corner of the closet are some things that I stitched a long time ago. I have a huge Silver Lining Rose. I like the Alphabet and it is dated 1989. When I was in San Francisco I went to a needlepoint store and bought a canvas to make a poppy purse. I stitched it but wasn't sure how to finish it. I called the store and asked how much it would cost to have it finished into a purse - $500!! Are you crazy? No way that was happening. So I tried finishing it myself using ultrasuede. It didn't look right. So on another trip to San Francisco, I went back to see the store sample and realized it was mounted on something very hard like acrylic. So I took my purse apart and I intend to mount it on some acrylic but so far I haven't gotten around to it.
Wish me luck mailing boxes.

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  1. Oh dear, Dylan's adventures with food are ongoing! Poor you - better luck next time. Hope the boxes arrive safely and the boys enjoy the treats.