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Monday, December 5, 2011

New Week

Here is the finished front of Mountain Flowers. It will be such a sweet purse when it is done. I worked a lot on Winter Cottage yesterday. It is starting to shape up but I had to do some frogging. It probably would be easier to stitch if I had used the congress cloth it called for. I stitch in hand and prefer linen. Also I am mainly a cross stitcher not a needlepointer. I am using the Hand-Dyed Fibers packet for this project. The three blue silk flosses are very similar. The blue around the door is darker than the blue over the door. But can you tell?
The Stitching Tour is all Shepherd's Bush today. They were fun to stitch but then what do you do with them?? I love the snowman, he is very cute.
I'm taking a taco to Dylan today to see if he will eat it. He said he really likes tacos but I know he is not likely to try something new. I'd love to take an avocado and sliced it up and have him taste it. Maybe I'll get some guacamole and see if he will taste that. We are fish painting today. I have a rubber fish that you coat with paint and make a print by pressing paper on it. We'll see how that goes.
I have to get going on Christmas stuff. I want to have sent off everything by the 14th. Mostly we send gift cards. To the kids we send stocking stuffers and special traditional treats like fudge and caramel corn.

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  1. Amy, all the best with Dylan and the Tacos - now that could be the title of a book couldn't it? Lovely to see all your needlework and I am enjoying the progress reports on Winter Cottage and Mountain Flowers. I have sent for Congress Cloth to do my Winter Cottage - we can only get a substitute in NZ and I didn't want to compromise on my first Gay Ann piece! Have a great day