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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Kiss the Cook

Today I'm cooking all day. No stitching unless I can squeeze it in during cooking. Here is an easy recipe: Melt a whole bag of white chocolate chips in the microwave according to the directions on the bag. Mix in 1/2 c. peanuts, 1/2 c. broken pretzels, and 2/3 c. broken up oreos. Let set and break into pieces. Very yummy especially for those who like the salty-sweet combination.
I discovered that one of my diamonds on Mountain Flowers was up one thread too high. ARGH. So I took it out. I'm making slow progress on it. I would like to concentrate on it all day and get it done. Maybe tomorrow.
Today's Stitching tour of the Sewing Room is a collection of mostly unfinished stitches in a basket that is in a crate that is under the sewing table. I was suprized at how much stuff was in there. I really should do something with all these. There is some needlepoint. There are two Shepherd's Bush kits. There are two Prairie Schooler Santas. There are four various snowmen and a few Santas. Just wait until we get to the unfinished drawer.
My Home Sweet Home book is on its way from Australia. It will probably take two weeks to get here. Also, the L'Atelier Perdu mystery has been sent. I don't know how long stuff takes to get here from Europe. I love getting stuff in the mail.

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  1. Amy, the cooking sounds great but the calories sound too numerous to count!! How did Dylan like the chocolate and Graham Crackers. Have a good day