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Friday, December 9, 2011

First Corner

The tour continues with a corner of my sewing room. There is stitching stowed in several corners.
I worked a bit on Mountain Flowers and finished the side strip. Now I can concentrate on the back side or side B as the pattern calls it.
I dug through my buttons and sewed some into my Button Lover's Brag Book. My metals page is almost full.
I made some more twisted cording. Using 3 strands seems to work out best. I like it and it looks even. Once I get the cording on I can put it together. I was remembering that I have to put in some buttonhole stitch eyelets for the cord to go through. I'll have to look up those directions.
We woke up to a couple inches of snow this morning. Ugh. It wasn't too bad to drive in luckily.
My goal today is to get out a few more Christmas cards. I think the UPS man is going to visit me today!

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