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Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Sewing Room

The stitching tour begins to slog through the sewing room. This is going to take a while. When you first enter (at your own risk) my sewing room there is a Shepherd's Bush kit. I think I left out the words (Oh little town of Bethlehem) because I didn't like the font. Then because I like my name I have a couple of name plaques. There are three prints. One is of a window and you look out the window and see water. This reminds me of Santa Barbara and my favorite place to be on Shoreline Drive. Then there is a Rembrandt print of a windmill that I got in Cincinnati. Lastly is a print of plants that I got at the Ann Arbor Art Fair a few years ago.
I am starting to send out Christmas cards. I got my first one yesterday from my Aunt.
I worked on Mountain Flowers yesterday. I am nearly finished with the side strip and have started on the back side.
I sewed on the twisted blue cord on the Lucet holder. I like it okay. Now I need to make the brown cording - which means finding the brown thread.
I am headed to the Post Office and the grocery store. Lots to do today.

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