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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Catching Up

I finally finished the front side of Mountain Flowers. I am now basting the back side. I have to do that before I can start the pattern.
I have several projects that I have laid aside and now I am getting back to them. I picked up Winter Cottage and put some time into it. It is a slow stitch. I was discouraged doing a long arm cross that didn't even show up as braided. But now I have a few colors in and it is beginning to take shape.
I started a new book, Tea Time for the Traditionally Built. It is one of a series and will be an easy read.
The stitching tour of the computer room will take a few days as there were more framed stitching in the closet than I realized. Many of them are Shepherd's Bush designs. I used to be an avid Shepherd's Bush fan. The top photo is Winter from Victoria Sampler. I've done all four seasons but I'm not sure where they all are.
I got great mail yesterday. Some of the things I ordered for myself for Christmas have arrived. I ordered an Inspirations Magazine that came yesterday. It has a Betsy Morgan project in it that I want to try. I got my Just Cross Stitch magazine. I feel a little guilty getting it as I rarely (next to never) make anything from it.
I'm itching to get stitching.

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