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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Strike Two

Well, my little experiment with Dylan and higher quality food has failed once again this week. I got tacos from Qdoba yesterday. I didn't know whether to get hard or soft shells, beef or chicken so I got one of each. Four tacos. I like the chicken quesadilla so I got one of those also. He took one look at the tacos and noticed some white stuff. He wanted to know what it was, mayonnaise? Nope, it was sour cream. Nope, he didn't want any sour cream on his taco. How about the chicken quesadilla? Well, he tried a small bite getting mostly the tortilla and said he didn't like it. Rats. So we went down to the cafeteria. Guess what was for lunch? Tacos (or meatballs on a whole wheat hot dog bun). He didn't like their tacos either. He had to pick off all the lettuce. He had a few bites and even ate some of his applesauce. He described the kind of hamburger he likes. Nothing on it, only meat and cheese. No pickles, no mustard, no ketchup. I refuse to buy him a hamburger, at this point anyway. Next week I may try a roast beef sandwich with nothing else on it. This is becoming a real challenge. I asked him if there were any vegetables that he liked. He named a few fruits. The only vegetable that I could find that he likes is a cucumber.
I was successful in that Dylan liked the fish painting. He didn't want any of them to take home and let me have them. But he had fun doing it.
I didn't get much stitching done yesterday. I started the side strap for Mountain Flowers. I put in just a few stitches in Winter Cottage.
The Stitching Tour continues with a few more Shepherd's Bush kits. Although the Friends one may be a Victoria Sampler design.

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  1. Oh dear, Dylan is certainly a challenge in the food arena! May you have better success next week. I, who love love love my vegetables, can't imagine a life without. Happy stitching today Amy