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Friday, December 2, 2011

Done with a Vengeance

I finished my book, V is for Vengeance, last night. I knew that once I got close to the end, I wouldn't be able to put it down. My sister asked what grade I would give it and I said B+. I enjoyed it and didn't guess the end.
I found all the pieces to put together the button cards that go in my Buttons book. I laced all six of them to interfacing yesterday. They really should have buttons on them before I attach them to the button frames in the book. That's because you have to punch a hole in them with an awl to attach buttons with shanks. I realized that I forgot the dots around the last page of button frames and so I am trying to put that in.
I made good progress on Mountain Flowers. If I stuck with it today, I could finish the front. But I'm getting tempted again to start something new. Uh-oh.
The house tour continues with our bedroom. I have a watercolor in there and three very old pillows.
The oranges I bought for a fund raiser come in today. Florida oranges are the best. I love having fresh orange juice in the morning. These should last at least a month.

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