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Monday, December 12, 2011


I finished the dishcloth that I started yesterday. It was fun and a nice change. I did finally find the parts to the Lucet holder. I need to read the directions and see what comes next - rather than guess and do the wrong thing!
I messed up Mountain Flowers. I accidentally was stitching from the Side A chart when I meant to be stitching from the Side B chart. They aren't the same. I'm not tearing anything out though since it is over one on this linen. Oh well. It will be fine.
Today's Stitching Tour photos come from my sewing table. This is a candid shot of exactly what is there, not neatened up or anything. I didn't realize that I have three more needlerolls as well as several pin cushions. The turkey is a small needlepoint I did several years ago and evidently don't know where to put it as it just sits there. The pink pansy is a handmade pincushion that I bought at a craft show decades ago. I can't throw it away. The lovely Shepherd's Bush needleroll on white linen is my favorite one of all. I've stitched is at least four times - probably more.
I talked to Joe the contractor since our kitchen floor tile came in and he hopes to put it in next week. Wouldn't it be nice to have it in before Christmas? Then the kitchen redo will be done. Yeah!
The bathrooms are clean. I'm getting Arby's today for Dylan. Any bets on whether he will eat it? I'm going to teach him how to make chocolate icing and put it on graham crackers. Then I have a few more cards to mail at the Post Office. Tomorrow - fudge and caramel corn.

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