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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Tomorrow's Another Day

I learned the phrase "tomorrow's another day" from Sister Anthonita.  She was one of our teachers in Montessori training and a legend.  It is a good phrase to use with children to remind them that they will have other chances at other times. Each day is a clean slate to try again.   It doesn't hurt for me to remember that too.

 I was feeling discouraged yesterday.  I finished the stitching of the Madras pin keep and was trying to put it together.  I really was trying to follow the directions.  It is very small.  Less than an inch wide and less than two inches tall.  I trimmed the edges down to a quarter inch all around.  It says to just put a card inside but I wanted some batting. So I cut a couple of pieces of warm and natural to layer in it.  It would have been better to have bigger seam allowances so I could lace the linen on the card.  I whip stitched the front and back backstitches together.  It looked a little messy.  So then I whipped the second set of backstitches together as per the instructions.  Messy.  So I took them out.  I thought I would try twisted cording around it.  So now I've attached (but not ended) twisted cord around it.

But since pins are supposed to go in the edge, I'm not sure cording is a good idea.  Last night I was ready to throw it away and start over.  Now that I look at it this morning, it doesn't look so bad.  If I made it over again, I would add a line of long arm cross stitch just outside the double backstitching and use that to join the sides. Since there are other pieces in this project, I think I'll do the edges differently.  The jury is still out on whether to toss this and try again.
I finished the crown on Edinburgh Etui and started the other side.

I'll get some more done on this today.
The weather is awful again.  It was snowing when I got up.  Now it has turned to freezing rain.  The weather man has promised 40 degrees today.  We'll see. . . .


  1. Hello Amy, your etui is coming along well. The tiny pin keep must have been very difficult to manipulate. Good luck with the other pieces - and with the weather! I'd send you some of our excess heat if I could.

  2. Hi Amy! You could always "test drive" some pins in it to see how you like the looks of them. Maybe some of those tiny applique pins? It's a thought! We are getting the crappy weather too down here. I'm so ready for spring already!

  3. beautiful work Amy