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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Last Day of Class

Sunday was our last day of class.  I went walking in the small park again.  It was cold!  I had breakfast with the intrepid stitcher, Marilyn.  She is amazing.  I got to see her progress on Amy Mitten's Quaker Bag.  Wow.  Over one stitching.  It looked wonderful.
I was so proud of getting the drawer mostly done.  But then Marilyn noticed a problem. She had stitched the outline of the main linen panel.  The drawer was too big for the outline of the linen panels.  Oh No.  It turns out that the original linen is discontinued.  So the linen used in our kits was sold as 32 count in a similar green color.  But it wasn't 32 count both ways.  One way was 34 count.  So that threw all the measurements of the drawer off.  Betsy sat down and figured out new measurements for the drawer.  So I ended up taking my drawer completely apart and redoing it just a bit smaller. It looks better this time and I put the join in back where it should be.

Here are our gifts for the weekend.

There was a pen also but it has run away somewhere.  This is a very nice wooden tray.

When we went to lunch I told the waitress that I ordered seafood salad.  When I saw the fish sandwich, I realized my mistake.  I didn't order the seafood salad, I ordered the fish.  I had taken my fork and moved a baby scrimp but had not eaten any of the salad, I was waiting for everyone to get her plate of food.  The waitress looked at me skeptically but exchanged plates.  I swear, I only forked it!  Embarrassing.
It was fun to see what Betsy was stitching just for fun.  What she was stitching, I am also stitching.  Only it has been abandoned a while ago and is at the bottom of the Laundry Basket of Shame.  I'll have to find that when I get home.  Now I want to finish it too.
I left a bit early to drive home from class.  I am a skittish driver and I wanted to make sure and get the car back to the rental place in time.  I have to say that I really liked the Hyundai Elantra.  But it is too fancy a car for me.  I made it home just fine and in time.  I even got to do some Facetime with Claire.
I had a great time with great friends and got some new projects.  It was a fun weekend.
Things I learned this weekend:
Pistachios are good on pizza.  Really!
32 count linen is not necessarily 32 count linen.
Needlework designers like to stitch other stuff too.
Be careful not to fork what you did not order.
The canon at Edinburgh Castle is fired at 1 p.m. everyday.  You don't really have to dive for cover.


  1. It was great to stitch with you....

  2. It's great fun to read your summaries of classes and your travels - it's almost as much fun as being there in person!