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Monday, March 2, 2015


I got just a bit more done on the crown of the Edinburgh Etui.

Then I wanted something different.  I was reminded of the Madras things designed by Jackie duPlessis.  She is having a "Madras March" where she is selling some of her Madras kits.  Well, I had started one of the Madras projects that was in Sampler and Antique Needlework Quarterly (Fall 2012).

 It has been languishing in the corner of my sewing room on a frame.  It was recommended to be done on a frame.  Since it was 36 count linen over one mostly, I complied.  But then I deserted this project and it has been in the corner for a very long time.  Like years.  Probably since the Fall of 2012.  I decided that in my old age I can work it anyway I want.  So I took it off the frame and worked on it in hand.  I had the front done and the back was 3/4 done.  I finished off the back border in pretty good time.

 Hey, this is going well.  So I wanted to start the next page but I couldn't find it (story of my life).  It had become separated from the center of the magazine.  So then I decided to start the pin keep.  It is going well.

  Then I found the missing pages (somebody upstairs likes me).  I want to keep going on this as I really like the design.  Jackie has just designed a carry-all for this.  Cool.  I ordered it.  There is another matching project in Sampler and Antique Needlework Quarterly called Indian Ink Needlebook (Fall 2010).  It has a scrim on the front that I am hoping to get.

The bathrooms are clean.  The walking is done.  Now to work on the pinkeep.  Can I get it done by tomorrow?  I bet I can.


  1. beautiful work, looking forward to see it finished

  2. Another great project.