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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Can't See the Forest

It is now Saturday - class day!  Our project is Can't See the Forest.  It is a box with a drawer.  The box has a pin cushion on the top.  I walked a little bit before class as there is a small park beside the hotel.

 See those multicolored houses?

Those are houseboats that you can rent.  Very cool.  I haven't seen a hotel that has house boats before.  I think it would be fun to stay in one.  But it would have to be warmer weather to be able to enjoy these.

This is the sweet moment when we get a whole new kit to begin.

Betsy always teaches how to finishing of the pre-stitch item first.  We pre-stitched a scissors fob.  So we learn how to do twisted cording, tassels and how to put the fob together.  I kind of work ahead as I know how to do these.  Here is my finished scissors fob:

The hotel has a lunch for us.  I had a really delicious seafood croissant.
In the afternoon we work on making the drawer for the box.  We are using comic board which works very well.  I'm not afraid to start cutting as I have a lifetime supply of comic board at home in case I make a mistake.  The comic board is covered with dupioni silk and has a faceted bead as a drawer pull.  I get pretty far but the box isn't done yet.

The store is open for us after class.  We pick up a few things.  I get another one of those needle jar kits.  Only five dollars.  (from The Purple Thread)

My firiends decide to go for dinner to a nearby tiny town to a place called Olga's.  I ride with them and it is fun to chat along the way.  We find Olga's.  It is a small restaurant that claims to have European dining.  What it has is a pizza oven.  Yeah!  I've been wanting pizza.  They have some unusual kinds.  Terry and I decide to split a personal size and call it an appetizer.  We get a truffle oil, ham and pistachio pizza.  It was great.  Terry shares her poached salmon with me.  Fabulous.  I get some of the mushroom soup.  Delicious.  After all that we must have dessert.  They don't have any eggs to make the chocolate hazelnut crepes.  So we make do with the chocolate molten cake with bananas foster.  All of the food was fantastic.  This is a great restaurant.  And Olga is not a round grandmother either.  She is young.  We are soooo full.

We are exhausted at the end of the day.  I manage to work a little bit when I get back to the hotel.  I can't get the TV to work but it doesn't matter.  What a fun day!

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  1. Wow such a tiny sweetie tree hanging..sweet stitches
    Have fun xx