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Monday, March 16, 2015

Black and White

I finished off the corner of Friesland.

What's left to stitch on the main piece?  Two center motifs and one last corner.  Little by little this is getting done.

Here are the parts so far on A Case of Indian Ink and Indian Ink:

I got the front that holds the scrim all done.

I'll have to chose another project to get finished now that the Edinburgh Etui is done.  Maybe the Barbara Jackson Christmas ornament bag from Shining Needle Society.

I'm very excited this week as I go to a Betsy Morgan class on Friday!  I'll see friends.  I get to shop.  I have a lake view room.  How lucky am I?

As usual for a Monday, the bathrooms are clean, I've done my walking and I am off to do some errands.


  1. Great progress on Friesland.
    Indian Ink will look pretty with the scrimshaw in it.