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Thursday, March 5, 2015


I am much happier with my second try at the pin keep.

First of all, I like the double backstitch around the edge and want it to show rather than use it to put the pinkeep together.  Then the filling.  I used one measly piece of warm and natural inside the pinkeep.  The rest of the filling is just the (very generous) seam allowances folded over.  The edge is less messy.

My plan worked out!  So I'm going back and adding a row of long arm cross around the edges of the other pieces.

I tacked down three shamrocks on the Edinburgh Etui.

I know, it looks a little messy and I made the stitches too big.  But I was afraid that the muslin would just unravel if I took tiny stitches.  It won't show anyway.  I want to get the shamrocks all done today.  Yes, I'm being a good girl and using a hoop.

I got the large motif on Friesland all done.
  Now on to a new page of the chart.

Why is Carrabba's always busy?  I had a hankering for their Chocolate Dream dessert.  But there was a wait time when we got there.  Rats.  We went to our regular place instead and it was fine.  I made do with Chocolate Pecan Pie.  It was very good.


  1. The PInkeep looks better.
    Great progress on the others.