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Saturday, March 7, 2015

It's Always Something

I made great progress on the Edinburgh Etui.  Can I get this done today???  Maybe!  I have two thistles to embroider.

I made good progress on the next motif on Friesland.  I just have curly cues around the edge to do.  Maybe I'll do the corner next.

I got both the front and back covers of A Case of Indian Ink done.  Now to work on the inside pages.

There was a Thistle Threads newsletter today.  She is having another tour.

Wouldn't it be a trip of a lifetime to go see all that 17th century embroidery at museums?  If  I change some of my plans for this year, maybe I could.  I'm going to think positively - yes, it could happen.  You can't sign up until next week.  I'll have to see if I can possibly swing it.  DH is calling me Imelda again.

I am crooked.  I can't stand up straight.  My stupid right sacroiliac is acting up again.  And my chiropractor took the day off yesterday.  ARGH.  That means I have to wait until Monday to get straightened out.  No walking today.  Just stitching.


  1. The Etui becomes prettier and prettier every day.
    Still loving Friesland, what a pretty piece.

  2. Hi Amy, you've got some very interesting projects underway! I'll follow them with great interest.