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Friday, December 6, 2013

What in the World

What in the world am I stitching now?  I will give you a hint.  It's a bag.

It was fun to start.  I changed some of the threads as some are very hard to see on this fabric.  This is an old teaching kit without the kit part.  So I had to come up with the fabric and threads.

I put together the needlebook of Ebony and Ivory.  Even though it is messy, I like it.

I also found the directions to the other pieces of Ebony and Ivory.  I want to do the little pocket that goes on the end of the etui.  I don't find a cut of ivory silk for backing the front.  But I think there will be enough left over from lining the etui.

But the main goal for today is to finish the step stool.  DH got me stuff to seal it when I'm done (Minwax Polycrylic, satin finish) and a new brush to put it on.  Mainly I have stripes and the name left to do. I found a better black to use for the stripes, one that isn't a flat black.  I want to put a heart in some hidden corner.  I should sign it too.  I wrapped her other presents last night.  I need to get going on my Christmas cards.  The hold-up is the dreaded Christmas letter.  I went through my photos from this year so I could remember stuff that I did and places that I went.  But maybe nobody cares.  We'll see....

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  1. Perhaps your new project is Sakura by Brightneedle?